Our Story – Why Careers in White

In 2008, three young doctors from different Romanian cities, who worked together in national and international health projects, identified a gap in the medical recruitment process: few candidates had access to enlarge their professional experience in other healthcare systems, although recruiters had a large number of vacancies. Thus has started the project named Careers in White.

Gathering a team of medical students, doctors and many other professionals from Europe, the project began with 6 job fairs and has developed to over 48 fairs in 14 countries and a biannual three-week virtual fair in 2013.

The project Careers in White got its name from the traditional white coats worn by health care workers worldwide. Challenging the classic process of recruiting Careers in White events are creating an efficient shortcut in bringing together candidates and medical recruiters in a face to face conversation. We believe in doing things differently.

We believe that in order to find the employee that recruiters are looking for, the first and most important rule is to meet him/her. Clinics and hospitals are not looking for the best resume only, but moreover for the best person who can bring the institution a high value: a person who is reliable, honest and hardworking, focused on results and has great knowledge and skills; yet, a person patients can trust and believe in. The instrument we bring to facilitate this process is creating a proper environment – online or offline – for a get-to-know conversation, rather than only reading candidates` applications.

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Candidates inquiries : [email protected]
                                (+40) 0371 38 23 48 

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