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Location: Sweden, SWEDEN Employer: MediCarrera
Type: Permanent
Salary: 65000€ gross/year
Application period: 19, Jun, 2017
Employment period: 18, Dec, 2017
Domain: Medicine;
Profession: Specialist doctor - Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - ;
Other benefits: FREE language course for the whole family
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The county council of Jönköping is offering various positions for child psychiatrists at the following places:


The public hospital in Eksjö is offering a position for a child psychiatrist. The main clinic is placed in Eksjö but there are receptions in Tranås, Vetlanda and Nässjö and a child psychiatry clinic in Nässjö. In Eksjö they also have 2 inpatient wards (15 beds in each) one referral and assessment unit and an emergency unit, open 8-16h every day, 37000 visits/year are conducted whereof 5500 are for child psychiatry; 616 hospitalizations with an 15 days average length of stay.


The child psychiatry clinic in Jönköping has 1 outpatient ward with 2 specialized teams, focusing on psychiatric disabilities and psychiatric disorders; 1 overall county inpatient clinic with 4 beds and 1 overall county eating disorder clinic with day care; an emergency reception open daytime. Approximately 10.000 visits and 125 hospitalizations per year are conducted. In Jönköping the work is done in teams where nurses, attendants and occupational therapists are included. At the child psychiatry clinic there are 50-55 coworkers: 3-5 psychiatrists, 3 residents, 13 nurses, 10 attendants, 9 psychologists, 4 social officers, 1 occupational therapists, 1 pedagogue and 8 care administrators.


The psychiatry clinic in Värnamo has both an adult and a child psychiatry reception. There are 4500 visits per year for child psychiatry. There are 20 coworkers in child psychiatry: 2 child psychiatrists, 2 residents, 5 psychologists, 3 social officers, 3 nurses and 1 attender.

We offer:

• Permanent contract after obtaining the C1 level in Swedish and the Swedish licence.

• Salary starting from 45.000 SEK per month. Duties, if there will be, will be paid apart.

• Training courses within working hours.

• Help to find: apartment, school and kindergarten.

• Invitation to study tour to Sweden after a first interview, to learn more about the region and the work environment.

• Assistance with removal and relocation costs.

• Intensive Swedish course, also for the family. • Remuneration during the Swedish language course of 700€ monthly net, a supplement for children under the age of 18 of 70€ monthly net, free apartment and travel costs for the family.

• The C1-course will be organised by the region.

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