Location: FRANCE, Lanvollon
Interests: Medical news, Finding others, Recruiting, Search candidates
Domains: Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Health related fields, Veterinary
Looking for: Specialist doctor , Dentist , Kinesiotherapist, General Practitioner, Other competences
Offering jobs in: FRANCE
Phone no: 0033-787665266
Fax no: 0033-
Email: [email protected]
Skype ID: medimonde.france
Address: 2 Imp. Joseph Darsel
Web site: www.medimonde.eu
Contact persons
C. Mihai Maté
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Phone: 0033-787665266
About us

Recruiting and counseling company based in France with a selected portofolio of clinics, cabinets and private practicies in the western part of the country (region of  Bretagne), including all medical specialities. Our company is ready to offer the following type of services: recruiting candidates for the take over of existing liberal private practices, collaborations for a definite period of time and classic, contract based employement. Our main target, after more than 15 succesfully instaled practitioners in the region, is to fulfill our mission for candidates that satisfy 3 basic requirements:

1. GENUINE DESIRE and DETERMINATION to work in France.  

2. ABILITY TO ADAPT to a new environement for themselves and their families.

3. PROACTIVE APROACH for language learning and specific administrative tasks.

CONTACT US, TALK TO US, COME SEE BY YOURSELF, and we guarantee that you will take your decision having all the correct informations you need.  


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