Location: POLAND, Gdyni
Interests: Recruiting
Domains: Health related fields, Other
Looking for: Specialist doctor , Resident doctor , Nurse , Student
From ROMANIA, BULGARIA, UKRAINE, Republic of Macedonia, Russia
Offering jobs in: GERMANY
Phone no: 0048-732651729
Fax no: 0048-
Email: [email protected]
Skype ID: -
Address: ul Przebendowskich 40/5
Web site: lkk.pl
Contact persons
Szatkowska Otilia
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0048-732651729
About us

LKK HR Consulting is a company with 10 plus years of experience - using practical knowledge and scientific methods, we help our clients improve the quality and effectiveness of their operations. Here at LKK our aim is to constantly grow, develop and improve. We view the success of companies, for which we found valuable employees as our success as well.

Our consultants acquired their knowledge and skills working in marketing and sales for international companies. They are a professional team that offer a comprehensive approach to human resource management and a special competency for sales. We adhere to high standards and offer the highest quality of service - in these areas we will never compromise.

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