Location: United Kingdom, london
Interests: Recruiting, Search candidates
Domains: Medicine
Looking for: Intern Doctor , Specialist doctor , Resident doctor , Nurse , Midwife , Clinical pharmacist , Clinical pharmacist , Pharmacist , Pharmaceutical scientist , Dentist , Genetician , Immunologist , Microbiologist , Virologist , Allied Health , General Practitioner, Psychologist, Psychologist, Radiographer, Ophtalmologist, Dermatologist, Medical consultant
From ROMANIA, ENGLAND, BULGARIA, HUNGARY, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA, CROATIA, PORTUGAL, GREECE, GERMANY, MOLDOVA, UKRAINE, NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, CZECH, DENMARK, ESTONIA, IRELAND, SPAIN, FRANCE, ITALY, CYPRUS, LATVIA, LITHUANIA, LUXEMBOURG, MALTA, AUSTRIA, POLAND, FINLAND, SWEDEN, ICELAND, SERBIA, TURKEY, INTERNATIONAL, NORWAY, SWITZERLAND, KOSOVO, IRAQ, DUBAI AND ABU DHABI, BAHRAIN, ECUADOR, Afghanistan, South Africa, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaidjan, Belarus, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia , Cuba, Dominican repiblica, Egipt, SWITZERLAND, ETHIOPIA, GEORGIA, GHANA, INDIA, INDONEZIA, IRAN, ISRAEL, JAPAN, Liechtenstein, Republic of Macedonia, Maldives, MALI, MEXICO, Mongolia, NEPAL, NIGER, NIGERIA, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sudan , Tunisia , Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe, Nauru, Mauritius, China, Guernsey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates
Offering jobs in: IRELAND, United Kingdom
Phone no: 0044-2089066727
Fax no: 0044-
Email: [email protected]
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Address: ealing
Web site: www.xanderhendrix.com
Contact persons
Conning Nikki
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0044-2089066727
About us

Our speciality is matching the best talent with the best roles in the medical sector. We are currently recruiting across all grades and specialties for both doctors and clinical staff for exciting roles across the British isles.

As a candidate, you will quickly realise that we're not just there to get you into a role. That is our first goal, but is only the first step of an ongoing relationship and journey that we'd like to take with you. We will be there help you overcome any challenges you may have with taking up your exciting new challenge. Our holistic approach to support extends to your family and making sure that you all get the support you need. You'll get ongoing support from securing your new role, then as you start this new role, your development and your ongoing career progression.

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